Cross Thompson

Cross Thompson

I’ve been physically building muscle since the age of 12. Motivated by a man named Stanley Tookie Williams III from South Central Los Angeles. I was the hyper – bird chest- shirtless- big head with a small neck kid running EVERYWHERE !!! walking to me was just a waste of time & as a kid I just always had sh*t to do…troubles to get into, dares that needed completed, and ramps that needed to be jumped! Being raised in South East Anacostia, Washington, DC you needed to be able to stand on your own 10 toes without retreat in all situations…with the acceptance of a loose pit bull….but Slap boxing, Arm Wrestling, Body Boxing, racing !!! every “kid” game on the block was constructed around toughness, quickness and strength.

We didn’t have a bench press, but we had a broom stick with record crates on each side, and we would place bricks inside those record crates and bench press. We didn’t have pull up bars, but we had an elementary school with monkey bars that got the job done. 

Fortunately for me, being physically fit was branded in my soul since childhood. It was literally a part of being a kid. As years progressed, every time I felt the desire to stop lifting or building, the desire was immediately shut down by need to be active. The young women flocked, and the young men inquired. Motivation was always around me and found a way to show itself in the most immense time of need and I thank the universe for that. 

I didn’t have this amazing 360-degree life turn of events that got me into fitness, and I wasn’t motivated by a professional athlete or a bodybuilder. Regardless of how we all became fitness athletes we all share ONE goal and ONE source of happiness and that’s putting fourth the effort (mentally and physically) to reach our fitness objective EVERY SINGLE DAY and For those inner athletes who have not begun, or still “thinking” about starting the journey my message to you is this: DoctorsDON’T make you healthy, teachersDON’T make you learn, trainersDON’T make you fit, and coachesDON’T make you rich. At some point you’ll have to understand that this life is 100% your responsibility. Get after it!


-Cross T.