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Daniel Vilk

Involving myself in activities that test my endurance and strength, whether that be mental or physical has been a trait I have cultivated and honed since my early ages. My parents, whom emigrated from Ukraine and I owe all my opportunities to, wanted to instill a hard work ethic in my character from a young age. Thus, they threw me into Judo by the age of 6. After a few years of training, I craved more stimulation and different challenges, so I went on to join the wrestling team in high school. From then on, I aspired to become stronger and reinvent myself in new ways constantly, which I still do now.

I started weight training at 15, the gym and training served as more than just an activity afterschool- it induced my passion for health and fitness. It raised my confidence on so many levels; I knew I wanted to be able to foster that feeling in others the same way I had. I went on to become a senior lifeguard at Coney Island beach where I developed great relations with patrons from all around the world. My experience there has cultivated my gregarious personality, which landed me a spot on MTV’s “Are You the One?”

The platform MTV gave me I am extremely grateful for. I am now able to reach out to thousands via social media platforms. I’m currently a certified Equinox personal trainer and am able to give to people in many ways which has always been a priority for me. My knowledge of the human body and physique is attributed to extensive amounts of time at the gym however; I also owe homage to my Bachelors of Science degree from Brooklyn College. I’m confident in that I am able to contribute to others; not only in the gym, but also have information backed by science and health regimens which I believe are equally as important. Fitness is more than just training, it is a mindset and lifestyle to be one’s best self.

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