Daniel Zukich

Daniel Zukich

Born: March 27th 1990 in Tuzla Bosnia

Height: 6’6″/197cm

Weight: 245 Lbs/111 Kgs

The war torn country of Bosnia forced maturity upon me at a young age. The revolution was not something I fully comprehended at the time but my family soon made the decision to move to the United States. Leaving everything and everyone I knew behind became the most difficult challenge I ever had to face. But, I could not have been happier. I had always dreamed of living in the United States like my action movie heroes and now that would be a reality.

Not knowing the language was the first challenge I faced and was even bullied for being the new foreign kid. This only pushed me to learn the language faster so I could fit in. Being involved in athletics (basketball, swimming, and track & field) gave me a new found confidence even picking up a few friends along the way. Before I knew it I was graduating Owego Free Academy and eager to start the next chapter of my life in college at Broome Community College.

While at Broome I continued to throw discus and decided to pursue a walk on spot on the track team at Binghamton University. This is when I started taking bodybuilding and fitness seriously. I was not small by any means, but only weighing 175 pounds my 6’6” frame could not rely on talent alone if I was ever going to make the team. Needing to add size to compete at the Division I level I joined my first gym in the summer of 2008. This was the tipping point and the rest as they say, was history.

Working out was the start of a new and improved lifestyle. I did everything I could to learn proper techniques and workout plans that worked out for me. Slowly my body started to transform. Weight lifting became easier and people who in my mind were experienced bodybuilders started turning toward me for advice. I liked the idea of helping people achieve their goals even if it was one random question at a time.

After I graduated from Broome Community College in 2010 it was finally time to try out for the Track and Field Team at Binghamton University. Two years of hard work and determination paid off as I made the team. During my first year I qualified for both the indoor and outdoor America East Championships in the weight throw and discus. I could not have been prouder, but after the season was faced with a difficult decision to continue on the track team or pursue personal training full time. Ultimately, I decided to pursue personal training full time because to me there is no better feeling than knowing I helped someone achieve their goals.

Graduating Binghamton University with a BA in Economics I had the world in front of me but needed to find a new way to challenge myself. Men’s physique competitions became my competitive outlet and decided to enter the Arnold Classic in 2013. This was a completely new experience and at first had no idea what I was doing. I knew diet and exercise would be crucial in my pre show training and would have to work out harder than I ever had before. I was up for the challenge and once I took the stage at the Arnold Classic in Columbus, OH there was no backing down. With the support of my family and friends yelling from the crowd as I took the stage I ended up coming in 4th place overall! This experience only served to enhance my drive to see just how far I can push myself every day. It is my pleasure to bring all of my knowledge, passion and training expertise to you my clients. Whatever your situation or goals you have in mind I am always up for the challenge and look forward to working with you on this journey toward a healthier happier you!