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Hayden Monteleone

My name is, Hayden Monteleone. I’m a N.A.S.M certified personal trainer, model & social media influencer. I’ve been training most of my life, my athletic background mainly consists of baseball, & basketball. I began experimenting with calisthenics, & dabbled with weights into my early twenties, when I started taking it seriously & began my fitness journey, etching an aesthetic, proportioned physic from head to toe. Growing up in the 90’s, I idolized masculine, muscular aesthetics I witnessed in animations, action hero films & I always aspired to attain a similar look. It has been a life long passion, & dream & now a lifestyle. I’ve dedicated my entire adult hood to living a healthy lifestyle, honing, & mastering my craft through disciplined workout, nutrition, supplementation regimen, years of educating myself & trail & error. I got into modeling when encouraged by my parents, so I signed up, & created a profile on, Model Mayhem & began networking.

My motivation is myself, being the best version I can possibly be, challenging my limits each & every day. Be a shinning example in a society where mediocrity is the accepted norm, where people willingly settle for less and accept it, content with average. I also aspire to inspire, motivate, represent unconditional love, positivity & utilize my light/ passions & gifts to elevate realities. Never fall victim to status quo, refrain from leading a monotonous, mundane life. I believe in ascending in all facets and aspects humanly possible, mentally, physically & spiritually. Breaking through social constructed labels, titles and stereotypes. Discovering we were all born to be, individuals.

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