About us

Vascular Nutrition was created by me Dom D'Erasmo. I've been passionate about Fitness and Bodybuilding for years! I've done several competitions and love the Sport of Bodybuilding. Over the years I grew disenfranchised with the current Supplements on the market today and wanted to create a Premium Supplement Brand that Consumers would LOVE and a brand that was built on Inspiring others to reach their Fitness Goals!

Our Initial line of Vascular Supplements include Vascular Whey Isolate Protein, Vascular Pre-Workout, Vascular BCAA and a Vascular Fat Burner. These products have been formulated to not only taste great but provide you as a Consumer the best quality Fitness Supplement products on the Market today. We are based in New York City and have years of Fitness Experience under our belts.

Our Vascular Athlete's have been hand picked based not only on their sheer dedication to Fitness but the ongoing desire to Inspire others to reach their goals. Inspiring Fitness is what we as a company look to do each and every day. As a community #teamvascular will be the next generation of Fitness!  Join our Fitness Journey.

Thank you for trying our products and we hope to Inspire you to reach your Fitness Goals each and every day.



Dom D'Erasmo