Gregory Panselinas

Gregory Panselinas

Gregory Panselinas was born in Lesvos Greece to both Greek parents. At the age of 17 he migrated in Queens, New York on the pursuit of a higher education and the American dream. Gregory completed his 11th and 12th grade of high school education at bayside High school and continued his academic education at Hunter college City University of New York, completing a Bachelors degree of Science in Nutrition and Food science.

After college he worked diligently in the field of nutrition as a diet technician at North-shore University Hospital and in the present time he is in partnership with a privately owned business called Global Business Solutions.

Throughout his entire life Gregory was an athlete, his first major interaction with sports came through his elementary school (athletic school of Mitilini) where part of the school's curriculum was intensive training from 530am till 830am. There he was taught the principals of discipline, hard work and self-development, which stand as the cornerstones of his life. With a few years absent from the vigorous training after coming to New York, his desire was revamped after coming around his college's school library and falling in love with the nutrition and physical exercise books that his college had to offer. After college his workout regimen became extremely intense and with his background in nutrition he was able to formulate a way of life that was so fulfilling and so rewarding to him that he decided to share it with the world. He entered a couple of elite fitness competitions Model America 2009 and Model Universe 2011 and he placed 3rd in both of them.

He was featured in Men's exercise magazine with an article on Abs, He was featured on an interview with Men's Physique, has been on step 360 infomercial , has done fit modeling for diesel, has been on a few runway shows for fashion week, has graced the cover of numerous romance novels and many more.

Gregory Panselinas continues to grow his education attending acting classes and self-development seminars and he is very grateful to be in the land of opportunity and is committed to share his passion with many more people.