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Wilfredo Gonzague

I am 30 years old, Born and raised in N.Y, coming from humble beginnings to say the least. Growing up in a poverty and rough neighborhood. Fitness and bodybuilding became my saving grace. 

I am a certified personal trainer with  over 10 years of experience , working in numerous amounts of gyms in Westchester county. A lot of my passion stems from my empathy for my clients as i was once too in their shoes. When I began my fitness journey, I was very overweight. With a great deal of perseverance and more than a desire, but the need to change my life and find an outlet to cope with difficult trials, I made a 90 day transformation on my own. Dropping 70lbs and enrolling in my first body building competition, where i won 1st place in my class! This was just the beginning! 

I quickly made a name for myself in the bodybuilding community and a promising career in this sport. I am already a nationally qualified NPC competitor and on my way to Pro status,  Taking the overall at the NPC Easterns, in Classic Physique,  in 2017! Fitness and body building has become more than a career, more than a hobby and more than just a sport to me. It has truly changed my life, my health and overall circumstances. I now know that where there a Will there’s a way!

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