Wittemberg Stanley Adolf

Wittemberg Stanley Adolf

While I am a firm believer that success is based largely on personal enterprise, I have never discounted the importance of a positive support group.  I am fortunate to possess intelligence, health, and a good sense of humor.  Beyond that, I have been blessed with family and friends who are always there for me with love and support.  

This basic understanding informs my choice to be there for others.  I have supported various causes over the years, to be sure.  But I’ve tried to live my life encouraging and fostering the development of those around me.

My childhood was spent in France, my teens in the United States and adulthood finds me traveling the world. I’m fluent in three languages and am working on mastering another two.   

My life philosophy revolves around setting goals, and I have many.  Early on, I chose to become an orthopedic surgeon, and to that end have completed coursework in …..I NEED MORE HERE.   

I’m also passionate about acting.  I’ve appeared in several European television shows, and recently completed filming a movie here in the United States.  TALK ABOUT WHAT YOU CAN WITHOUT NAMING NAMES.

And then there’s fitness.  I’m committed to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and pushing my body to the max.  This goal has led to many favorable reviews in fitness magazines includingGQ, M&F,andMen’s Fitness.  Men’s Health named meAmerica’s Hottest Body andBest Male Physique Alive in 2011 (http://www.menshealth.com/events-promotions/fittest-friends-winners).  I’m also proud to be an Adidas Athlete!

Bottom line: Set goals, surround yourself with people who care about you, and get to work!   Always aspire to be number one and do not settle for anything less.  And always look for the next mountain to climb.