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Sabrina Madison Hallick

 I am a mom, fitness mentor, model, student, and motivator of all things healthy. Coming from a small town in rural Upstate New York, the last thing I could have ever imagined would be where I am now. I have overcome countless fears, obstacles, and successes during the past five years of my so called, fitness journey. I have met amazing people, seen amazing things, and learned so much. 

It all started in 2012, going through a lot of issues with my personal life. I had also just realized how unhappy I was with my body and mind. I dealt with depression, sheltered myself away from all of those whom I love.  With little knowledge to what I was doing. I started eating "healthier" and working out daily. This soon became an addiction. With social media's increased popularity I began comparing myself to all of these athletes online. I wanted to train more, eat less, do more cardio. I was never content. This eventually got out of hand. My nearly 6'0" stature had weighed just over 110 lbs. I was drained of all energy and losing motivation, because no matter what I did I was unable to look how I wanted. I had anxiety attacks over holidays, and developed such a pesky eating disorder. Luckily, close friends and family members decided to finally step in to help me. This changed my life.

Post-recovery, I fell in love with learning about health & wellness. I decided I wanted to start training people. I completed my Certification and began helping others.  I know what it feels like to be unhappy with your body, and I know that there is no better feeling than reaching a positive self image. 

I became pregnant with my first child in the winter of 2016. I am now a mother to an amazing little girl. During my pregnancy it was my goal to maintain my body postpartum. I had heard way too many horror stories to not try my best to inspire others that it is possible to stay fit during this time. I achieved all of my goals and am writing this 5 months postpartum, in better shape than I ever was pre baby! With hardwork and willpower you can achieve anything!

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