Attila Toth

My name is Attila Toth and I am from Hungary. Growing up, I was always a somewhat chubby kid. As I matured however, my interest in sports and fitness grew and by the age of 16 I had started to focus on body-building and nutrition. Through my journey in healthy living these past three years, I have discovered my passion in leading a lifestyle that revolves around fitness. Because of my newfound passion, I decided to travel to America to pursue a University degree in Nutrition Science and Entrepreneurship.

Now I am the founder and co-owner of Fit A&T, a fitness-oriented company which serves to fully advise and support a healthy and fit lifestyle everybody acquires, as well as a free-lance model and official Men's Physique Competitor.

Fitness has been life-changing for me and I believe that it can change your life too.

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